Monday, 25 August 2014

favorite outfit

Still my favorite outfit !!!

vintage green feather vest
vintage croco clutch
vintage necklace
Kurt Geiger sneaker
H&M ring + top
ASOS leather leggings

Pictures by Sabine Beyer

Thursday, 24 July 2014

DVF – Unwrapped

“I have always loved Konstantin’s style… It is playful and sophisticated, and so DVF!” 
– Diane von Furstenberg

Every woman knows that problem in the morning: "What should I wear?". 

The fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and the illustrator Konstantin Kakanias create am   animated video to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ironic DvF Wrap Dress. In this amazing animation, the typical DVF woman finds the perfect piece for all moments in her day, the Wrap Dress. The Wrap Story campaign called "Unwrapped" and ask consumers to share stories of wrap dress experiences. Fashion changes which the season, but some pieces seem to stay around forever. I think it's a great idea for the 40th anniversary of the Wrap Dress which will be always an iconic fashion piece!




Monday, 21 July 2014

banana dress

                              H&M: dress + sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs: bag, ZARA: sunglasses, Vintage: necklace

You might already know this outfit because I posted this pictures nearly 2 years ago. I absolutely love that dress and I think it's perfect for summer. Usual it's a beach tunic but I use to wear it as a dress. 
I wish you all a good day! Xx

Thursday, 17 July 2014

flashtat tattoos

I really like tattoos but I think it's a hard decision to choose the right motive. I would love to get a tattoo but I'm still not sure about the symbol. Before I went to Ibiza one of my friends showed me the website where you can buy beautiful gold and silver flash tattoos. They are perfect for the beach, pool parties, festivals and concerts. The tattoos will last about 4-6 days depending on where they are placed. I will definitely get some and post about my experience ASAP. Xx


Monday, 14 July 2014

beach time

     Buffalo London: Boots,  Levis: shorts (vintage), H&M: bag + top

        Here you can see another simple outfit which I was wearing during my holiday in Ibiza. Jeans  
        shorts are always a good idea and I also like to wear boots during summer. Both together is a 
        perfect combination. Xx


     ZARA: dress + sandals + sunglasses,  H&M: jeans jacket + bag

I spend a great time in Ibiza for one week. It was my second time there and I really love the island. It was perfect for a relaxing clubbing holiday mix which I always prefer. Ibiza is famous as the island of transgression, fun and great dico clubs but on the other side you have beautiful places where you can just relax. I found also time (after ages!) to take some pictures for the blog...finally. Lots of love Xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

biker chic

Not without my biker jacket....!! My biker jacket is one of my favorite pieces for spring, summer and autumn. I'm on my way to a birthday party and I decided to wear of leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, my Kurt Geiger high heels and a black shirt from ZARA.

If I don't have much time I try to take a picture of my outfit on the floor. (LIKE THIS!) Because I think it's at least better than a "mirror-selfie". I don't really like "mirror-selfies" at all.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

sunday boyfriend time

Here you can see my outfit for today. It's sunday and that means a bit of work and coffee/brunch with friends. It also means my boyfriend...
jeans!!! I love boyfriend jeans...with sneakers, high heels, flip flops or sandals. You can nearly wear every shoe with boyfriend jeans and that's the reason why I'm obsessed with them. I also choose my grey jumper which is from River Island, my silver Superga shoes and my Balenciaga bag. 

I wish you all a relaxed sunday!! Xx

Thursday, 3 April 2014

casual chic


What's the best location for an outfit shot? Of course, the next playground! Here you can see one of my outfits which I was wearing in Berlin some weeks ago. I always like to keep my outfit more casual than chic but I also like the mix of both together. Have a good day! Xx

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

the snake print vans

Spring arrived and I started to wear shoes without socks. Today I was wearing my new favorite snake print vans which I bought very cheap at H&M. They are comfortable and look great. I love to wear them with jeans but also with a black leggings or pants. You should have a look at h& because they got lots of printed sneakers with for example leo or zebra print. Now I'm waiting for summer that I can start to wear sandals. Have a lovely day! Xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

hippie summer dress


I personal love the hippie/boho look because the mixture of ethnic, gypsy and rock style elements is perfect for spring and summer. I found this beautiful jeans dress at H&M in London. I already ordered the dress in white because the jeans dress is sold out everywhere. Xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

adidas passion

I like to wear sportswear, I love colorful prints and I also love spring and summer. Sportswear as a fashion trend has been evolving for the past few years. One of my favorite brands is adidas and I love the new collection for spring and summer. I already bought a hoody and I will definitely buy a colorful sport leggings, too.
You can find the new collection here .


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I'm back in 2014

Dear my lovely followers,

first of all sorry that I was out of order for the last 8 months. I started a new work and was just busy. It's quite hard to keep blogging if you're working full time and you are not a freelancer. I was thinking about to delete The FashionRobot for a brief moment but then some of you were writing me an email that I should keep blogging and other people still liked my fanpage on Facebook. It doesn't make any sense at all if you have a blog and nobody is interested. It was also always fun for me to write about fashion and because of this I'm back with The FashionRobot. I can't promise you to post everyday but at least 4 posts a week.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog!! Xx Kim


Stella McCartney shorts + scarf
Kurt Geiger bracelet + high heels
H&M sneakers + bag + iPhone case
River Island and Cholé bag

Animal prints are always a good choice if you wear just a simple outfit. This year snake print is coming back in a huge way for spring. Every big fashion house has a few pieces with snake prints in their new collections. Even the cheaper fashion houses like ZARA, ASOS, Topshop or H&M got lovely cloths and accessories with python prints. I've got a really nice dress with a grey python print from H&M last year and I still love it.  The print has a sultry vibe, making it the perfect choice to add a little edge to your wardrobe. I personal like to wear the snake print with a leather jacket or leather leggings but you can wear the print with jeans, too.

Many girls get confused on how to carry the snake print style and get the synch with the snake print fashion. It's quite are some tips:

You should prefer simple cloths if you are wearing for example snake pants or a jacket. Less is more.

2. Snake Print Accessories!
Accessoires make your outfit more special. Snake print accessories like a bag, scarf, shoes or a bracelet look amazing with a simple outfit. 

3. Snake Print at Night!
Maybe the snake print fashion is too much for you during the day. That's not a problem at all. The  print is also an eye catcher and perfect if you are going out for drinks.

Are you not sure if it's right for you?
Before you write it off, read on for some perfect snake print outfits for inspiration:

     sources: Tumbler