Tuesday, 31 July 2012

chilly billy outfit

Sorry I´m so busy at the moment that I have no time for posing and taking outfit pictures so I needed to create a quick collage. I absolutely love the leo scarf which is from Zara. The jeans is from GAP. I always buy my jeans at GAP because they fit perfect for me. The beautiful blue boots are from UGG. I wear every autumn and winter Uggs and I need some new one for this year soon. The bag is from Alexander Wang which I LOVE. The hat and the sunglasses are from Topshop and the red bracelet from Hermes.

Tomorrow I have my last exam so I will have more time for posting. The first 10 days of my university break I´m spending at home with my mum and my friends (so excited!!) and than I´m going to my second hometown London where I´m doing an internship. Where? I will tell you soon ;-)


Monday, 30 July 2012

wardrobe inspirations

It´s every girls dream: a walk-in closet. After I saw the pictures I want a closet like this much rather than before. I think that you can find good inspirations in this pictures for example the shopping bags in a frame or share your work place with your cloths (iMac+desk).
I guess the problem that we most have is that we haven´t enough space in our flats to realize a dream like this. I need to wait for a walk-in closet but I´m more than sure that I will have one before I´m dying. :D:D It must be so cool to wake up and walk in your wardrobe full with cloths, shoes, bags, jewellery and sunglasses....it´s a great start in a new day! Aww.....I want, I want...I want... 

Xx Kim

pictures: pinterest

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Fashion Guru

Yesterday I had some time to have a look around all my favorite online shops and I found some beautiful jewellery. The blue/pink bracelet is from River Island and the rest is from Zara. The necklace is also from Zara and the rings are from YSL (I know they are not new but I still love them!) The earrings I found at Topshop. 
In autumn and winter - the jewellery will still be colorful and flashy. I really like the bracelet on the first "arm" (right side) which I´ve never seen before at Zara so I should go for some shopping soon as possible.
To be honest I love my new Fashion Guru and I think I will keep "him" on my blog. What do you think about my idea?      

Friday, 27 July 2012

fashionista darling

Miroslava Duma

You don´t know her? Miroslava Duma was editor for Harpers Bazaar (Russia) and now she works as a freelance writer and has her own blog. Over the years she has become known as a fashion icon internationally. Paris or New York Fashion Week - you can see her always in the front row.

I love her style and it makes me always smile when I see new pictures of her. The only thing what I 
don´t like is her hair...I don´t know why but I think the hair cut isn´t really the best cut for her. I liked she more with longer hair but maybe just because I have long hair so my opinion doesn´t matter.
So back to her style...chic Parisienne meets casual girlie and this mix is perfect for every situation and that is the reason why she looks always dressed so amazing!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

MBfw: photography by Daniele Gus

photography by Daniele Gus

A huge THANK YOU to Daniele Gus for taking such great pictures. On the first day Berlin Fashion Week my friend Gentiana and I - we met photographer Daniele and he took this pictures while we spend our free time to meet new people and have small talks. He is a great photographer because normally it takes ages to get some good pictures of me but he took just some shots and VOILA I really like the pics. 

Now I´m thinking about to take always a photographer with me it doesn´t matter where I´m going he could always take some nice pictures which I also really like!

So and with this idea I wish you a beautiful day! Xx Kim

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lana Del Ray new face for H&M


With a rose angora pullover, pastel jeans and huge earrings she posed against a grey background - 17 July: it has been confirmed - singer Lana Del Ray is the new face for the H&M campaign for the autumn/ winter collection 2012-13. 
It´s another fashion coup for Lana because lately she was the cover girl for british Vogue and Mulberry called a bag after her. 
I think she is a great choice because I  personal love her Pin-Up look and of course her music.

Chanel Pop-Up Store in London

24 July - 27 December in Covent Garden, London

HUGE NEWS...finally the Chanel pop-up boutique opens in London. Forget London Bridge or Buckingham Palace - if you are visiting London this summer, autumn or winter, there is only one place to visit for fashionistas - the amazing Chanel beauty store which is in one of my favorite places in London - Govent Garden! I think Govent Garden is the best place for this shop because the area always reminds me a little bit of Paris. I can remember that Tommy Hilfiger had also a pop-up house in the heart of Covent Garden last summer where the brand presented the new spring and summer collection 2011 in a cute holiday house. The idea was great and now one of the biggest brands follows. 
With over 50 square meters is the shop a dream for every woman- lipsticks, nail polish, eyeshadow, mascara- all what we love!!
I´m going to my second hometown (LONDON!) in the beginning of August and I´m staying for 4 weeks while I´m doing my internship. One of my first activities will be a visit to Covent Garden and if you have not the change to go to London next time you read all details about the Chanel pop-up store on my blog! 

So have a lovely day! Xx Kim

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cara Delevingne for Blumarine

"What a sex bomb!!", that is what I thought when I saw this pictures of Cara Delevingne for the Blumarine collection autumn/ winter 2012 for the first time. I really like her look which is very changeable.
She still looks a little bit childlike but she can also look sexy and cool. In the pictures she looks amazing so that women can be very jealous.
After she worked for Burberry this year she is the girl everywhere and I´m more than sure that we will see her also the next seasons for designer campaigns. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Berlin Fashion Week snapshots

 Designer for Tomorrow dress

Udo Walz

Mirja du Mont

I loved his shoes and his complete outfit!!

Dimitri Runway Show

  Sebastian Ellrich 

Anja Gockel Runway Show

Guido Maria Kretschmer for Puma

Irina Schrotter Runway Show

Monday, 16 July 2012

new Kurt Geiger loves

One of my favorite shoe brand is Kurt Geiger because they have in every collection amazing shoes.
Every shoe is special, they are always comfortable and the prices keep within reasonable limits. You should have a look at kurtgeiger.com because there you can find shoes for everybody´s taste.

Zu einer meiner Lieblingsschuhmarken zähle ich seit den letzten zwei Jahren Kurt Geiger, da keine Kollektion mich bis jetzt enttäuscht hat und ich einfach immer Schuhe finde die mir gefallen. Dazu kommt, dass die Modelle immer super bequem und sich der Preis in Grenzen hält. ( Ich finde sogar, dass der Preis gerechtfertigt und bezahlbar ist!!) Ihr solltet dringend mal einen Blick auf kurtgeiger.com werfen.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

typical outfit

H&M blazer
ZARA shoes
Gap jeans
vintage necklace
Prada sunglasses
Michael Kors watch

Friday, 13 July 2012

Mbfw Lena Hoschek SS 2013



"Olé Mexico" that is the motto from designer Lena Hoschek for her spring/ summer collection 2013. In Berlin she presented skintight and embroidered treggins, cowboy shirts, capes and playful pattern. The audience was excited!! A really cool eye catcher was the make-up and the corollas. The music was a perfect choice for the motto and you could feel the wild western.
Is the collection wearable? 
For sure because cowboy shirts and capes are looking great in combination with simple jeans or shorts and the playful dresses are perfect for summer.The hippest trend for summer 2013 are corollas as you could see in more than two runway show in Berlin. You can buy corollas at Topshop and Asos and so you don´t have to wait until summer 2013.   

"Olé Mexiko"das ist das Motto der Designerin Lena Hoschek für die Frühling/ Sommer Kollektion für 2013 die sie auf der Berlin Fashion Week präsentierte. Hautenge und bestickte Treggins, Taillenröcke, Cowboyhemden, Capes und verspielte Muster verzauberten das Publikum. Blickfang der Show waren aber nicht nur die Outfits sondern vor allem die Gesichtsbemalung in der Kombination mit Blumenkränzen im Haar. Die Musik war ebenfalls dem Motto angepasst und ruck zuck hatte man das Gefühl sich im Wilden Westen zu befinden.
Ob die Kollektion wirklich tragbar ist??
Auf jeden Fall, denn Cowboyhemden und Capes sehen einfach auch gut zu einer einfachen Jeans oder Shorts aus. Die verspielten Kleider sind ebenfalls perfekt für den Sommer geeignet. Der absolute Trend für den Sommer 2013 werden allerdings wieder Blumenkränze sein, denn diese befanden sich in mehren Shows auf den Köpften der Models. Blumenkränze gibt es schon bei Topshop oder Asos zu kaufen und so müsst ihr nicht bis zum Sommer 2013 warten.