Fashion-Lifestyle Blog

I was born in Hannover, Germany 24 years ago and I'm working in a marketing agency in Hamburg. I started the FashionRobot over 4 years ago in London because I wanted to share my passion for fashion. I love to mix high fashion cloths with cheaper brands:
I used to wear high fashion brands like Balenciaga, Acne and Marc by Marc Jacobs but I also brands like ZARA, H&M, Asos and Topshop. And I love vintage. 

                                               * London Fashion Week February 2012
                                               * Berlin Fashion Week February 2012
                                               * Berlin Fashion Week July 2012
                                               * working together with London designer Hayley Menzies
                                               * online press in Germany and England HERE
                                               * Berlin Fashion Week July 2013
                                               * Berlin Fashion Week July 2014
                                               * BLABLA Car Shooting in August 2014