Monday, 30 April 2012

dance into May

H&M dress + shoes
Louis Vuitton bag
my mums silk scarf 
sunglasses bought at Portobello Market (London)

Today I decided I couldn´t give a shit how my legs look like... I know I´m white as chalk but it´s so warm outside and I need always a little bit longer than other people to get a tan. :D:D
This morning I had breakfast with friends and we were just relaxing and enjoying the sun. I can´t believe how lazy I´m at the moment but I always say "That´s the weather!!".
If I could choose I would book Ibiza for two weeks but I need to study...shame!

Tonight is dance into May and that´s one of my favorite "celebrations" so I´m looking forward.
 I wish you all a good dance into May. Xx Kim

Saturday, 28 April 2012

prints prints prints


Here is a quick shot of some of my favorite prints. My flower blazer is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe at the moment. I bought also a trousers with the same print which I will show you soon!
Another favorite summer piece is my banana print bikini which I love.

Prints are always a good choice in summer and they make my day.
You can mix different prints together because it looks great. I personally love all different prints: flowers, vegetables, fruits, chains.....!!

Now I enjoy my day because the weather is still amazing...sun sun sun and no cloudy sky. :)

Friday, 27 April 2012

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Hi guy´s!!

It´s time to say THANK YOU again. Thanks for your support, your comments and your interest. 
I´m more than happy to have you as my follower.
The last four months were amazing: I went to London Fashion Week and met a lot of new friends and interesting people, I had some online interviews, blog introductions and I´m working together with designer Hayley Menzies. It´s still my wish to grow up with my blog and you are a huge part of it.
Since I started to study I haven´t really more time for outfit post etc but I promise that I will give my best.

My follower on facebook are also growing every single day.
If you aren´t following my fan-page now please LIKE HERE

I´d more than happy to have you over there!

If you have any questions or private comments you are more than welcome to write me a mail:

So..I wish you a wonderful weekend !!

Xx Kim

Thursday, 26 April 2012

not without my MINIMAL BAROQUE

It was love at the first sight!! I´m writing/ talking about me and my Prada Minimal Baroque.
When I saw the big round sunglasses at the first time (I think it was in May last year) I thought this is  artwork.  

....because I found the black one was to hard for my face I decided to buy the BROWN GRADIENT LENSES
To be honest I have a lot of sunglasses but this are my favorite and I still love them!!

Here you can see some outfits where I´m wearing my Minimal Baroque:

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Isabel Marant

After I saw a lot of reports and interviews about Isabel Marant I´m so fascinated with her that I thought I need to write a post about this powerful woman. I think Isabel Marant is one of the natural designer (always dressed casual and without make-up) and very indigenous. Her smile is real and radiates sympathy.
Her collection includes a lot of casual outfits which isn´t normal for french designer. 
I fall completely in love with her last three collections because they are all feminine but very cool.

"I´m always wearing my pieces before I say ´YES` because it´s very important for me to feel comfortable!!"

Isabel Marant photographed by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin  Isabel Marant is the go- to label for pared-down Parisian cool."

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Starbucks addicted

H&M hat + jumper
Prada sunglasses
New Yorker frog ring
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Prada sunglasses
vintage necklace
ZARA shoes
Gap jeans

My feet are hurting so bad and I´m tired but it was a great saturday. I was more incognito with my sunglasses and my new hat but the sun was shining and I love hats so I combinated both together. 
...and what makes me more happy than a Starbucks Latte ?? NOTHING!! 

I hope you had also a great day!?! Xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

neon green skull

Louis Vuitton bag
Gap jeans + cardigan
H&M shoes
Prada sunglasses
Philipp Plein top (old)

Hi guys, I´m in a gooood mood. The weather changed and it´s sunny and warm outside.
Best chance to take some outfit pictures and to relax in the sun.
I enjoy my time in Germany but I still miss London so much. Unfortunately I have to wait until August to move back.

So enjoy your day and your weekend!! Xx

little bit sleepy

fighting with my cardigan

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Isabel Marant was creating one of the famous sneakers at the moment. To be honest when I saw the sneakers the first time I didn´t like them...but now I have to say that I´m starting to love them.
They look great together with a casual outfit for example with jeans or leggings.

Here you can see two blogger friends of mine wearing the Isabel Marant sneakers.

 Elina Galuga at London Fashion Week

Anna Winkler walking around London

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

H&M favorites


H&M is surprising us with a very colorful new collection. Here you can see my favorite pieces.
I love the paisley skirts and the yellow neon shoooes!!

I think the cardigan is also amazing but for nearly 80 Euro too expensive for H&M but I´m sure that I´m going to buy the sea star ring on saturday. :)

Make them wonder why you´re still smiling

Converse Chucks
Gap jeans
Amisu blouse
Belstaff jacket

Does anybody know when real spring is coming?? I´m waiting and waiting....maybe that´s the reason for my uneasy smile in the last picture. :D
At the moment I´m always wearing my chucks...can´t take them off.

NEW IN: frog ring


That´s my new frog ring. (Don´t notice my dry hands!)
I saw the ring and thought that is the perfect ring for me because I love frogs. 

Have a lovely day! Xx 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

newfound DANNIJO

 I detected the jewellery brand DANNIJO just today and that is a real shame because the earrings, necklaces and bracelets are just a dream. I mean I saw the bracelets and necklaces on other blogs before but I´d never known that the brand called DANNIJO. 
I love coloured jewellery and I think you all know now that I´m in love with neon and that is why the brand DANNIJO makes me more smilie than usual. You can combinate the necklaces with simple shirts and I promise you will look always amazing. It´s a mix of casual and glamour-chic and so perfect for every event or just for the street.

The ring is one of my favorite pieces of the collection and I think great for the following summer time.

Should I say something to this amazing necklace? 

...and this bracelet I would wear with a jeans or leather jacket...PERFECT!!

If you are interested to have a look to DANNIJO website click HERE