Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

You might have seen these news on other blogs or all over the internet: H&M has a new collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela which hits stores on the 15th November. After the last collaborations with Jimmy Choo , Sonia Rykiel, Marni and Anna Dello Russo, I´m not the biggest fan of the "H&M designer collections" because they were all in all not my taste. They looked mostly cheap and were expensive so I don´t wonder that you could always buy pieces weeks after the collections hit the stores. It was different years before when Karl Lagerfeld or Valentino designed for H&M...the collections were sold out after 5 minutes. Don´t misapprehend me, I love Anna Dello Russo´s style and also the other ones but the collections for H&M were mostly shit.
Back to the Maison Martin Margiela collection which looks amazing and I really hope that the pictures don´t lie. I´m a huge Margiela fan and so I will try to get some pieces of the collection:
my favorite pieces (see pictures) are the white sneaker, the metallic clutches and the body ( I love the idea with the bra print!) but also the shoes look cool....we will see and wait until the 15th November. Xx

Die meisten von euch werden die Neuigkeiten schon auf anderen Blogs oder im Internet gelesen haben: H&M wird als nächstes eine Kollektion zusammen mit Maison Martin Margiela rausbringen, die ab dem 15. November in den Läden hängen wird. Nach den letzten Zusammenarbeiten mit Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel, Marni und Anna Dello Russo muss ich ehrlich gestehen, dass ich nicht mehr der größte Fan von "H&M Designerkollektionen" bin, weil sie in letzter Zeit einfach nicht mehr meinem Geschmack entsprachen. Immer wenn ich die Plakate Wochen zuvor gesehen habe war ich von den Kollektionen begeistert, als sie allerdings dann in den Läden hingen fand ich sie nur noch furchtbar. Meist sahen die Teile einfach nur billig aus und waren dazu auch noch gut teuer sodass ich mich bei den letzten Kollektionen nicht gewundert habe, dass sie noch Wochen nachdem sie in die Läden gekommen sind ihren Platz nicht verlassen haben. Ich kann mich noch gut daran erinnern, dass das anders war als zum Beispiel Karl Lagerfeld oder Valentino für H&M Designer gespielt haben, denn die Teile waren nach weniger als 5 Minuten nach Ladeneröffnung ausverkauft. Bitte versteht mich da nicht falsch, ich liebe den Style von Anna Dello Russo und auch die Teile der anderen Designer finde ich  normal total schön aber die Kreationen für H&M waren einfach mehr Misserfolg als Erfolg.
So nun aber zurück zur Margiela-Kollektion die auf den Bildern wirklich großartig aussieht. Da kann Frau und auch Mann nur hoffen, dass die Bilder nicht lügen. Ich persönlich bin ein großer Fan von Margiela und möchte versuchen ein paar Teile zu ergattern: zu meinen Lieblingsteilen (siehe Bilder) gehören die weißen Sneaker, die Metallic-Clutches und der Body ( denn ich mag die Idee mit dem BH-Print!) aber auch die Schuhe mit dem transparenten Absatz gefallen mir. Doch die "wirkliche" Kollektion werden wir erst am 15.November "bewundern" können und dann kann geurteilt werden. Xx

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Instagram @thefashionrobot

I don´t know if you already saw that I´m also with my blog on Instagram. You can find me and my blog @thefashionrobot or Kim Braun but I guess the first is more easier. Sometimes it´s quicker for me to upload pictures first on Instagram before I have time for a blog post. I hope you will join me. ;-)
Have a good saturday night!! Xx 

Ich weiß nicht ob die meisten von euch schon gesehen haben, dass ich jetzt auch mit meinem Blog bei Instagram unterwegs bin. Ihr könnt mich unter @thefashionrobot oder Kim Braun finden. Manchmal ist es schneller und einfacher zuerst meine Fotos bei Instagram hochzuladen bevor ich einen Blogpost schreiben kann. Ich hoffe ihr werdet mir folgen. ;-)
Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Samstagabend!! Xx

Friday, 26 October 2012

it´s all about a cool sweater

I have looots of new ideas for the blog with more structure and fun but I need to take some time to sit down...
Here we go to my friday post:
My favorite piece for winter is definitely a warm and cool sweater but I´m not the only one who loves crazy sweater...you could see them everywhere at the last fashion weeks. 
But why everybody loves them??
First of all they don´t look boring, all of them are an eye catcher. They look very casual but if you combinate them with skirts, dresses and high heels they can also look chic and elegant. I think that a sweater is the most stylish and comfortable piece what we can get for this season!! I put some cool sweater together: the first green sweater is from Kenzo, the sweater with the shark and bulldog prints are from Givenchy, the other black one from BOY LONDON and the other two from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Most of them are a bit too expensive but my tip is DIY. Look around for cool prints and simple sweaters and the rest is very easy. 

I wish you all a good friday night!! Xx Kim

Thursday, 25 October 2012

last outfit posts

I know that I´m not really posting my outfits every single day but sometimes life doesn´t allow that you have time to take pictures for your blog. Here you can see my six last outfits which I was posting in the last month. You can see that I love my black, short Converse Chucks and my bag from Primark at the moment. I try to show you in the next posts that I´ve still got more than one pair of shoes....PROMISE!! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!

pink mood

H&M pink beanie
vintage jacket + fur vest
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Converse Chucks
American Apparel shirt

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Saint Laurent spring/ summer 2013

It´s still weird to say Saint Laurent instead of Yves Saint Laurent....to be honest I don´t really like Saint Laurent (sole exception the rings) but the collection for spring and summer 2013 is just a amazing.
Huge slouch hats and bows are the special trifles which give the collection a touch of elegance and coolness. The pieces are very simple and the most outfits are black. What I really like are the special looks with the leather pieces (for example the leather cowboy jacket). What do you think?? Xx Kim

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Monday, 15 October 2012

Matthew Williamson spring/ summer 2013

London Fashion Week 

English designer Matthew Williamson was celebrating the brand´s 15th anniversary with his collection for spring/ summer 2013 at London Fashion Week. The collection is very colorful which is typical for Matthew Williamson. My favorite look is the outfit with the amazing leather biker jacket with embroidered/ embellished sleeves and the high sandals (shoe designer: Joanne Stoker).
The collection is definitely one of my favorite and MW can be very proud of his 15 years success:
*in June 1994, graduating from Central St Martin´s with a BA in Fashion Design and Printed Textiles
*his first job was a freelance design project with Marni and after that he was working for the British   
  fashion companies Monsoon and Accessories.
*in February 1997, the brand "Matthew Williamson" was founded by Williamson as a designer and 
  Joseph Velosa as CEO.
*in February 2002, he showed his collection at New York Fashion Week for the first time
*in March 2004, he opened his first flagship store in Mayfair, London
*2008 he won the Red Carpet Designer of the year at the British Fashion Awards
*2009 MW opened his first flagship store in New York
*in September 2012, he was celebrating the brand´s 15th anniversary!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012


"We Will Rock You" musical tee
black Converse Chucks
Primark bag
Gap jeans
Lazy Oaf beanie
vintage coin necklace
ZARA cardigan + sunglasses

Sunday walk with my mum in my hometown Hannover. Autumn is also already here and it isn´t possible to go out without a jacket (I don´t wear my jacket in the pictures). Today my mum took the first pictures of me wearing my Lazy Oaf beanie which I bought six weeks ago in London. The rest of my outfit is very simple:  jeans, cardigan, tee, Chucks and a bag so nothing special...but because of the beanie the outfit isn´t that boring. The tee was present which I got when friends and I went to the " We will Rock you" musical in London. 

I wish you a nice and lazy sunday!! Xx Kim

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Marc Jacobs "Dot"

After the first perfume sisters "Daisy" and "Lola", " Dot" is the third wonderful smell of Marc Jacobs creations. Today I smelled "Dot"the first time and I absolutely love this smell of sweet red berries. The top notes are red berries, dragon fruit and honeysuckle, a heart of jasmine, coconut water and orange blossom and a drydown of vanilla, driftwood and musk. The perfume bottle looks the same like Marc Jacobs designed accessories for Louis Vuitton: keeping the motto DOTS, DOTS, DOTS!!
I give you the advice to try "DOT" and I´m more than sure that everybody will forget the cold winter and is thinking of warm summer evenings. Xx Kim

LOUIS VUITTON "Dot Infinity" collection

Thursday, 4 October 2012

KENZO SAFARI spring/ summer 2013

Here you can see some outfits of the KENZO collection for spring/ summer 2013. The collection is very colorful with a mix between leo and jungle prints. All in all the collection reminds of Safari and I find that is a great idea for a collection. I really like the colorful leo prints and the short jackets.
What do you think about the collection?? COMMENTS PLEASE

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Viktor&Rolf spring/ summer 2013


Elegance is the perfect word to describe the Viktor & Rolf collection for spring/ summer 2013. The dresses and skirts are all maxi (long) and the designer used like Burberry Prorsum lots of metallic colors which looks really cool. The metallic skirts with the bows are my favorite pieces of the collection and I also love the shoes.

The only things which I don´t like are the long sleeve shirt with the rose (more than suspect) and the hairstyle ( look a little bit like Barbie hair!). 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Just Cavalli spring/ summer 2013


I was more than surprised when I saw the Just Cavalli runway show online: the collection is Just Amazing. Every single piece looks great and that isn´t really usual. I like the bright colors and the print mix. Cavalli choose also the most beautiful models with a very natural look. The whole collection is just TO DIE.
My favorite piece is definitely the dress (Cara Delavigne) under the first dress and the metallic jumper from the last outfit.
During the next days I will post more about my favorite collections for spring/ summer 2013. Xx


Isabel Marant spring/ summer 2013


Itzi bitzi Ibiza was my first thought when I saw the spring/ summer collection from Isabel Marant for 2013. Isabel Marant is one of my favorite designer so I always looking forward to see her runway shows. For next spring and summer she used lots of paisley and flower prints. Nearly all pieces are very short that women can show their long legs (if they have long legs otherwise like me: short legs!).
The shoes are like always amazing. There is nothing more to say....

ASHISH spring/ summer 2013


Back to school? No thanks never again... ASHISH collection for spring/ summer 2013??  LOVE IT !!
The collection shows that school can be so much fun. I´m for school uniforms like this but I guess teachers would be cry.
The pieces look casual and comfortable so perfect for me. I love the combination of jeans and trainers and the oversize jumpers. I think you shouldn't wear the pieces like the designer combinated them  together but if you combinate just one piece with another simple one (a white shirt) then I´m sure that it will be look great. What do you think??  COMMENTS!!