Wednesday, 13 July 2011


H&M dress + ring
Conserve Chucks
Mum´s jumper + necklace
Zara bag
Chanel sunglasses

Today the weather wasn´t really good but I tried to take some pictures....
I choose a casual look: just a black dress with my mum´s jumper and Chucks.

By the way I love graffiti and this walls are looking amazing...what so you think?

Hope the weather will be better the next days so that I have more chance to take pictures for you!

Enjoy your evening,


Kate L. said...

Nice pics! The weather here in HK is bad too. Raining all the day!

Fashion Cat

Jane Gonzalez said...

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Rositaa said...

Lovely background dear and i think that the outfit is so particular and cool :)
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Tamina said...

Like your sun glasses !!

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