Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I posted two moth ago about the MINIMAL-BAROQUE PRADA COLLECTION and now I´ve got my favorite sunglasses. I can´t describe my feeling...just WOW... :D :D


I was all the time looking for a nice case for my iPhone and now I´ve got a beautiful MARC JACOBS iPhone case. Love the design!!

Do you like my new pieces??   


Flavia.Eriel said...

this eyeglasses are fantastic!i love it!

I love your style! I'm definitely following. Hope you like my blog and follow

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Kim♥ said...

Hi Sweety, I am so in love with this sunglasses. Where can I find them online? have you got a special number or something that makes searching for them more easy?

Kim Braun said...

I was looking for my sunglasses a long time before I could find them. This sunglasses are made by PRADA (MINIMAL BAROQUE) and they are limited. I think you can just buy this one at PRADA stores or by ebay. GOOD LUCK ;)