Thursday, 9 February 2012

Spring/ Summer Trends 2012

Hi guy´s!!

Sorry for not posting the last days but I had was positive stress but still stress.

The first fashion weeks are finished in Berlin and Montreal and the other will follow during the next weeks. Today the New York fashion week is starting (February 9-16), London fashion week is starting next week (February 17-22), Milan fashion week is starting the week after (February 22-28) and the most important fashion week in Paris is starting in the end of February (February 28 - March 7) and I really looking forward to see the new Fall and Winter trends soon.
BUT first of all SPRING and SUMMER are coming so I was thinking to create a list with the MUST HAVES for the next Spring/Summer season.


The D&G collection for Spring/ Summer is just amazing; colorful, stylish and a little bit crazy. D&G is using prints like flowers or chili peppers. I can remember that Prada had banana prints last summer which I also loved.

2) Chanel make up and nail polish

I already wrote about the new Chanel nail polish "APRIL", "MAY" and "JUNE". I love the colors!!
My favorite one is "May"and I think I´m going to buy the polish this weekend. 

The Chanel lipgloss has the same colors like the nail polish so you can wear the same color on your your nails and on your lips.

3) Aqua look

The Armani collection for SS2012 is this year inspired by the sea (I call this look the Aqua look).
Sequins, light blue, silver, pearls and and and...!! I think it looks very elegant like a mermaid and you can wear dresses like that for a nice party or for a romantic dinner. What do you think?

pictures: Vienna Online


I already showed you the new Prada collection for SS2012. I really like the colors, the prints...I have to say I like the whole look. The only thing what I can say is: THE 50´s ARE COMING BACK!!

5) Karen Walker SUNGLASSES

I mean I like Prada, Ray Ban and the other sunglasses but the Karen Walker sunglasses are just stunning.
When I saw them the first time at Harvey Nickels I fall in love with them. I think they are different...a touch of elegant, a touch of hippie and a touch of crazy.


A huge trend this SS 2012 is NEON. Perfect are neon pants, shirts, skirts and accessoires. Neon is always a good eyecatcher and I found already some nice pieces which I will show you soon. :)

That were my first 6 trends for Spring and Summer 2012. What do you think about my choices??
Please tell me your personal HUST HAVES for SS2012.

Xx Kim

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Dan93iel92 said...

Love the patterns for Spring/Summer 2012 there amazing!