Thursday, 24 May 2012

The perfect summer dresses for 2012

The perfect summer dresses for 2012

The weather is warming up nicely, the days are getting longer, and that summer holiday feeling is rapidly approaching. It must be time to start summer dress shopping. Fashions change rapidly though, and what may have been the ultimate summer stunner last year, could be the ultimate fashion ‘no-no’ this year. To help you work out what to look for on your next shopping trip, read on for our quick rundown. Then check out the Very summer dresses range to see all of these looks in action.

White dresses

Now, let’s be honest. There’s rarely a summer that goes by without the white summer dress making its way from the catwalk and onto the high street in one guise or another. And 2012 is certainly no exception.

With a suntan or a milkier complexion, white dresses look simply stunning, and a slinky little white number is a hot favourite this season. Whether you’re on the beach, at a party, in the office or going for a walk in the park, no matter where you go, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Frilly dresses

Yes Cinderella, you shall go to the ball this summer! Be prepared to sport a daring summer dress this season with a hem and neckline of pretty frills. Whether it involves pleats, frills, lace or ruffles, the princess look is definitely in this summer.

Floral dresses

There’s nothing quite as summery as a colourful flowing dress emblazed with floral prints. These highly feminine dresses can be flattering for a whole range of shapes and sizes. Floral dresses not only look great when worn with sandals or flip-flops as casual daywear, but can make a stunning evening outfit when accompanied with a stylish pair of high heels.
Summer 2012 will see a huge choice of floral summer dresses available, ranging from delicate patterns to bolder prints. They’re the height of femininity and style during the warm summer months.

Asymmetrical hemlines

With Hollywood celebrities stepping onto the red carpet in eye-catching dresses with asymmetrical hemlines, this somewhat unique style has moved onto the high street. From diagonal cuts to handkerchief types, a long flowing dress with an asymmetrical hemline will radiate style, sophistication and charm this season.

Mid-length dresses

Another perfect summer dress for 2012 is the traditional straight-cut, mid-length dress. Sitting comfortably just below the knee, mid-length dresses are the perfect solution for those who dislike long dresses but aren’t bold enough to go mini! 

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