Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mr. Brainwash girls

Do you know this days where you just think "life is beautiful"?? I had a day like this yesterday...I spend the whole day with my friends Gentiana and Elina in Central London. We decided to visit the Mr.Brainwash exhibition at the Old Sorting Office. When we arrived we did that what bloggers always do first before they have really fun: taking lots of outfit shots!! haha and that can you take ages with three blogger. After we were finish with our "street shooting" we went inside and enjoyed the street art from Mr. Brainwash who is in my opinion a great artist with simple but very cool ideas. 
After the exhibition we had a lovely picnic with sushi and other chinese food at the Embankment Park and enjoyed just the wonderful weather. 
I really enjoyed the day because I'm going back home (Germany) tomorrow and that was the last chance to spend my time with my friends...I will really miss you!!!
Unfortunately I can´t go to London Fashion Week next week because I need to sort some things in Germany but I'm more than sure that I will visit the next LFW in February 2013. 

Have a lovely day!! Xx Kim

Converse Chucks
H&M top and flower print leggings
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Prada sunglasses
ZARA army jacket


Adora Mehitabel said...

in love with those sunnies
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Elina said...

nice outfit! :)