Monday, 6 June 2011

in love with the new Prada sunglasses

Minimal Baroque Collection

I saw this amazing Prada sunglasses a few weeks ago and I´m totally in love with them.
I´m thinking about to buy the the round glasses in brown because I love round big sunglasses like my Chanel one.

Sorry for not postig my outfits the last days but I´m so busy at the moment. I will post my last outfits soon.
The weather in London is terrible at the moment...cold, rainy, cloudy and of course windy.
I hope you have better weather to wear your nice sunglasses like the Prada´s. ;)


Smoothie said...

love the sunglasses !!!!!!!!

Marta said...

Those pictures of the sunglasses are simply amazing, and so are the sunglasses ;)


Simonavenus said...

i Kim i love your blog i follow you!
I love this glass too <3 <3
follow me