Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hayley Menzies London


Hayley Menzies is a new London based designer whose collections are already a firm favorite with a host of celebrities and discerning fashionistas.
When I saw her pieces last year in June at Portobello Road Market I fall completely in love with them. After two weeks I was the owner of a ANABA red feather shawl.

How you would describe your personal style and your key looks?

Hayley: My style is all about relaxed glamour with a fun bohemian rocky twist.
My key looks are Jeans, vest, statement jewellery and bag and killer heels.

Where you find your inspirations?

Hayley: I´m inspired everytime I leave my studio - walking down Portobello Road where I live, when I travel to Asia and of course my friends! I´m always absorbing my surroundings and actually drive myself nuts as my creativity can spin out of control and I´m onto the next thing before I finish the first...thats my biggest Problem!

What you´re passionate about?

Hayley: Yoga and partying....hmmm does that sound a little bit yin and yang?

Which are your favorite places?

Hayley: My studio and neighbourhood. But outside of that I love parting in Ibiza, skiing in Verbier and recentreing in India and Thailand.

What is your MUST HAVE for every season?

Hayley: My must have for every season is a great shawl. My shawls tend to be trimmed with feather, fur, beads or fringing. Every woman needs a good shawl in her life!

Which is your favorite piece of your collection and why?

Hayley: My favorite piece - that´s atricky one! It all depends on how I´m feeling or what the weathers like. I´d say the Eivissa Maxi in electric blue on a sunny day or the Ayita feather shawl for a festival. I wear my Portobello Bag every day and I´m loving the electric blue one right know!

Which are the best places to wear your new summer dresses? 

Hayley: The new Eivissa dresses can be worn anywhere just as long as it´s hot enough!
I wear mine during the day in Notting Hill or for a night out! Eivissa mean Ibiza in Spanish so of course pack it for a beach holiday too.


(Cashmere and Feather Shawl)

(Cashmere and Feather Shawl)

(Silk Tie Dye Maxi Dress)

(Snakeskin Messenger Bag)

Hayley and my favorite one is the electric blue!!
Which is your favorite one??

Designer Hayley Menzies with Binky from Made In Chelsea.
Hayley is wearing the Eivissa silk shawl and Binky the ANABA shawl (same as mine)
and a red snakeskin Portobello Bag.

Me wearing Hayley Menzies ANABA red feather shawl in Brighton.

I can say Hayley Menzies is a great designer and a amazing person.
I will keep post about her and her pieces. 
If you have any questions email me or 
contact Hayley HERE.

Xx Kim

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