Tuesday, 25 June 2013

PREMIUM July 2 – 4 Berlin

I'm going to Berlin Fashion Week next week and I'm looking forward to visit the Premium exhibition, too. 
I will keep you updated. Xx 

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Ever since the very first event in 2003, at which numerous brands from Italy, Scandinavia, France, 
and the United States made their German or European debut, PREMIUM was distinguishing itself 
with a remarkably international perspective in terms of both visitors and exhibitors. Today, the overall
percentage of international visitors reaches around 80%, and international exhibitors make up 
approximately 75-80% of the total. In the upcoming S/S 2014 season, PREMIUM will be presenting 
some 900 brands and between 1400-1500 collections across a total of 23,000 square meters of 
exhibition space.

PREMIUM is curator of one of the world’s best international portfolios in the high-fashion segment.
Consistent fine-tuning from season to season ensures that the PREMIUM portfolio is always attuned
to the current global fashion market. Along with the exceptionally high proportion of new collections
(30%), regular amendments in the use of space within the halls, and the integration of innovative new
concepts, these principles keep PREMIUM consistently unique one season after another and guarantee
that retailers are given the inspirational push to position themselves in today’s competitive market.

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