Tuesday, 5 June 2012

favorite shoes for summer

After showing you my favorite bags I thought is also very interesting for you to show my favorite shoes which I love at the moment. The first shoes are from Isabel Marant and they look great in combination with jeans. I really like that they look like glamour and rock at the same time and so you can wear them everywhere. The second shoe is from ZARA and I think they look also like glamour (because of the Swarovski stones) and rock ( because of the studs). The black ballerina is from Tory Burch and very classy. The silver glitter Pretty Ballerinas are my favorite ballerinas because they pimp always a simple outfit. I have the same but they are so old that they have no more glitter anywhere. I´m often thinking about to buy new one and maybe I should... ! The PREMIERE Glitter Strap Wedges are from Topshop and they are more than cool. (You can see that I love silver glitter!) The other Wedges (middle) and the black peep toes are from Christian Louboutin. The yellow sandals are from Balenciaga and they are very simple but I think simple is not always bad. ;-) The Sneaker are from Isabel Marant and they are always an eye catcher. So and last but not least the turquoise sandals are from Topshop.         Xx Kim

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Ivanna said...

Love the sneakers and wedge