Monday, 4 June 2012

my personal top-hit-it bags


Here you can see seven of my favorite bags at the moment. The dark Balenciaga is my absolute favorite one which I will buy soon as I can. The yellow Alexander Wang bag is kind of the same like the dark Balenciaga but I really like the colour. If we are talking/ writing about it-hit-bags we can´t forget a Chanel bag which is always classy and cool. I would choose a black one but I like the bag also in red. In the middle of the picture you can see a Alexander McQueen clutch which is always an eyecatcher. You can combinate this bag with every evening dress and you look elegant and cool at the same time. Closed to the Alexander McQueen bag you can see a neon pink Marc by Marc Jacobs bag which is one of the new collection and called Pink Hillier Hobo. I think this bag looks beautiful with an silk summer dress or used jeans. There is also another Balenciaga which is red and a bag of the new collection.    
(GREAT FOR SUMMER) And last but not least you can see a gold Mulberry bag. This one is more a bag for autumn and winter but I´m still in love with this model.
So now you know my top-hit-it bags...which are your favorite ones?? Xx Kim

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