Thursday, 26 July 2012

MBfw: photography by Daniele Gus

photography by Daniele Gus

A huge THANK YOU to Daniele Gus for taking such great pictures. On the first day Berlin Fashion Week my friend Gentiana and I - we met photographer Daniele and he took this pictures while we spend our free time to meet new people and have small talks. He is a great photographer because normally it takes ages to get some good pictures of me but he took just some shots and VOILA I really like the pics. 

Now I´m thinking about to take always a photographer with me it doesn´t matter where I´m going he could always take some nice pictures which I also really like!

So and with this idea I wish you a beautiful day! Xx Kim


Kate L. said... gorgeous!!!


Elina J. said...

you look absolutely gorgeous! :)