Friday, 27 July 2012

fashionista darling

Miroslava Duma

You don´t know her? Miroslava Duma was editor for Harpers Bazaar (Russia) and now she works as a freelance writer and has her own blog. Over the years she has become known as a fashion icon internationally. Paris or New York Fashion Week - you can see her always in the front row.

I love her style and it makes me always smile when I see new pictures of her. The only thing what I 
don´t like is her hair...I don´t know why but I think the hair cut isn´t really the best cut for her. I liked she more with longer hair but maybe just because I have long hair so my opinion doesn´t matter.
So back to her style...chic Parisienne meets casual girlie and this mix is perfect for every situation and that is the reason why she looks always dressed so amazing!!

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