Friday, 26 October 2012

it´s all about a cool sweater

I have looots of new ideas for the blog with more structure and fun but I need to take some time to sit down...
Here we go to my friday post:
My favorite piece for winter is definitely a warm and cool sweater but I´m not the only one who loves crazy could see them everywhere at the last fashion weeks. 
But why everybody loves them??
First of all they don´t look boring, all of them are an eye catcher. They look very casual but if you combinate them with skirts, dresses and high heels they can also look chic and elegant. I think that a sweater is the most stylish and comfortable piece what we can get for this season!! I put some cool sweater together: the first green sweater is from Kenzo, the sweater with the shark and bulldog prints are from Givenchy, the other black one from BOY LONDON and the other two from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Most of them are a bit too expensive but my tip is DIY. Look around for cool prints and simple sweaters and the rest is very easy. 

I wish you all a good friday night!! Xx Kim

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