Tuesday, 17 April 2012

newfound DANNIJO

 I detected the jewellery brand DANNIJO just today and that is a real shame because the earrings, necklaces and bracelets are just a dream. I mean I saw the bracelets and necklaces on other blogs before but I´d never known that the brand called DANNIJO. 
I love coloured jewellery and I think you all know now that I´m in love with neon and that is why the brand DANNIJO makes me more smilie than usual. You can combinate the necklaces with simple shirts and I promise you will look always amazing. It´s a mix of casual and glamour-chic and so perfect for every event or just for the street.

The ring is one of my favorite pieces of the collection and I think great for the following summer time.

Should I say something to this amazing necklace? 

...and this bracelet I would wear with a jeans or leather jacket...PERFECT!!

If you are interested to have a look to DANNIJO website click HERE


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Anneke said...

I love the jewellery !