Monday, 30 April 2012

dance into May

H&M dress + shoes
Louis Vuitton bag
my mums silk scarf 
sunglasses bought at Portobello Market (London)

Today I decided I couldn´t give a shit how my legs look like... I know I´m white as chalk but it´s so warm outside and I need always a little bit longer than other people to get a tan. :D:D
This morning I had breakfast with friends and we were just relaxing and enjoying the sun. I can´t believe how lazy I´m at the moment but I always say "That´s the weather!!".
If I could choose I would book Ibiza for two weeks but I need to study...shame!

Tonight is dance into May and that´s one of my favorite "celebrations" so I´m looking forward.
 I wish you all a good dance into May. Xx Kim

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Anonymous said...

Was für ein schickes Outfit. Das hat Stil!