Friday, 13 April 2012

Pulcinella by Anna Theresa Winkler


Hi Anna, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Anna Theresa Winkler from Pulcinella. I’m 20 years old, was born in Austria and raised in Germany and the UK. I’m currently living in London and I’m studying journalism and fashion marketing.

How you would describe your style and your key looks?

A mixture of different pieces, patterns and materials but most of the time on a classy basis.
I always try to pick a key item that adds some decisive twist to my outfit.

What inspired your styling?

My parents, my hardest critics and true fashion connoisseurs.
Besides from this? Outstanding people , who wear their outfits with self-confidence. The personal note a single person could add to an outfit is one of the most interesting things that immediately inspire me.

Which is your favorite place to shop in London for unique finds?

There is no specific one. When I go shopping, I go everywhere. From markets like Portobello and Brick Lane to the stereotypical high street shops and department stores. One Of A Kind in Notting Hill and Ad Hoc in Chelsea are quite nice.

What inspires you to start a fashion blog and what motivates you to keep blogging?

Julia, founder of Les Mads, inspired me to open my own blog and encouraged me to give it a try.
My daily urge to express myself through words and mix them up with outfits – that together with my ambition motivate me the most. Additionally, it’s the feedback I receive – from my much loved followers and supporters.

What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

All the things I could wear every day. Most of them are black and completely unspectacular but mixing them up with favourite accessory pieces makes me feel mostly comfortable.

What is your MUST HAVE for S/S 2012?

Lace and some bold colour splashes.

What is your favorite thing to do when not blogging?

Being with my favourite people and forgetting about the time.

Which are your favorite places?

London and Vienna. Generally, places I can call home without missing anything.

HERE you can follow Anna and her blog.

I decided to post about Anna and her blog because I think she has an amazing style.  I asked her if she  would like to post about The FashionRobot and I thought I should show you her blog.
If you like Anna´s interview and her outfits please check Pulcinella and follow. :)


Eileen said...

your style is fantastic... And I really love this boots :D (:

Lilli said...

She got a great style! Always love her outfits, simple elegant!:) Nice interview!:) xoxo