Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nobody can stop me to laugh

Belstaff jacket
Zara sandals
vintage Mulberry bag
H&M blouse
sunglasses vintage market, Berlin

There are so many things which can stop you to laugh. Sometimes something happened and then people thinking it´s the end of the world. Everybody does and sure I also have days and situations like this but the most important thing is that you change your bad mood soon and thinking positive. One of my hobbies is just laughing and talking about rubbish with friends and that is what I did today after my internship. I went with a really good friend (she didn´t feel in the right mood that I was allowed to take pictures of her today but I love her style so I will show you soon an outfit post about her!!) to Waterloo and we were just sitting down, relaxing, eating and yes of course talking about crazy and funny things. After a while I thought I need some outfit shots for my blog so Steffi took some pictures of me but I couldn´t stop to laugh because of the things we were talking about before...just to let you know that the pictures are real... :D:D
The weather changed in London - it was cold and windy today. I decided to wear jeans, a blouse and a jacket but I couldn´t waive of my sandals because I love to wear open shoes in summer. The thing is that  my big feet let me look like Bigfoot and that is the reason why I like sandals with glitter or anything to let my feet look nicer than they are. :D:D

So time to stop because I need to wake up early tomorrow. Night night Xx Kim


Vedrana Moslavac said...

Great casual style :)

New post on SEARCH IN FASHION - What I made today: Simple spiked braceled and ring

The New Girl In Town said...

Love your sandals!:)

Anonymous said...

Sieht nach so viel spaß aus!
Fahre am wochenende auch nach London. tipps?
Wo machst du dein praktikum und was studierst du?
würde mich voll interessieren.
Liebe den blog.


Kim Braun said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

Hey Andrea, die Fragen wurden mir schon öfters gestellt und ich werde wohl mein erstes Video demnächst machen indem ich eure/deine Fragen beantworte.
Vielen Dank für dein liebes Kommentar!!