Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Louis Vuitton: window dressing

window dressing, Louis Vuitton store, New Bond Street, London

Doesn´t  she look scary?? It looks like I took this picture in a ghost train but that is the new window dressing from the Louis Vuitton store at New Bond Street in London. I really like the idea because I love creepy things and that is definitely creepy.
Before I took this pictures two old ladies came out the store and one said two the other that she also love the decoration and also other people stopped.
But who constitute this wax figure?? It´s Japanese artist and writer Yayoi Kusama. She influenced  creative director Marc Jacobs for the Louis Vuitton "dot-collection" because she is dot-obsessed.
Yayoi Kusama has worked in a wide variety of mediums, including paintings, collage, sculptures and influenced artists like Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg.

What do you think about the idea?

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